Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.



Send an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question here.

How to find an app development company?

You’ve already found one! Dynamik Apps is a mobile-app developing company that specializes in iOS with extensive Android experience.

If you’re interested in comparing companies to see why Dynamik Apps is the better option for mobile app development you can type, “who can create an app for me” or “who can develop my app idea” in your favorite search engine. If you know which platform/operating system you’d like your app to be on, then type “iOS or Android developers.”

What is an app developer?

An app developer (specifically a mobile app developer) is responsible for developing applications for mobile devices usually powered by Apple’s iOS operating system, the open source Android operating system, or other mobile operating systems. Ideally, a good iOS developer is proficient with at least one of the two programming languages for this platform: Objective-C or Swift. A good Android developer would be proficient with the Java programming language.

Should I hire a mobile app developer?

If you are looking to develop a mobile app (an app for mobile phones or tablets) and have no prior coding experience or the time it takes to learn code, then yes, you should. Hiring a professional like the ones at Dynamik Apps ensure you have a professional and seamless final product.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

The cost for app development varies and is based on many interrelated factors. To get an estimate, please contact us here.

What is the difference between an app developer and a web developer?

An app developer is primarily focused on developing applications for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, or any number of mobile frameworks. A web developer is concerned with development using HTML, CSS, and Javascript for websites on the front end and other programming languages for the back end of the web pages.

How do I explain my app idea?

When presenting the concept to your developer, try to give as much context as possible. By “context” we mean explain the problem your are trying to solve with the app, goals for the app, target audience, etc. Do not be scared to talk freely about it and get their feedback! The more you communicate, the better the app will be.

What are my app monetization options?

A few app monetization options are:

1. Email Lists
2. Advertising
3. Sponsors and Partnerships
4. In-App Purchases
5. Free/Premium Versions

Let your Dynamik Apps developer know which one(s) you’re considering and we’ll discuss your best options!

Can you provide a list of past and current customers?

At Dynamik Apps, we believe in upholding our clients’ privacy and ensuring their protection. Most of our clients are developing new, fresh ideas and so prefer that we sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect their intellectual property. So while we can’t give you names and phone numbers of past clientele, we do have a portfolio of the projects we have explicit client permission to share with you. You can view our portfolio here.

Can I see examples of your work?

Yes, of course! To view Dynamik Apps’ portfolio, please click here.

How are we going to communicate during the development?

We can communicate with whatever medium you’re most comfortable. Current communication options are via phone, email, or Skype. If you need other accommodations, let us know!

What is your preferred platform?

We specialize in iOS development which includes apps for all iPhone and iPad sizes. We also have developers who can develop for Android as well.

What additional features for an app would you recommend? Can you do it?

Additional features are based on the type of app you’d like us to develop. We provide an Agile Development plan, which highlights each step we will take in developing your program. Agile Development focuses on what the user wants and building small wins. This allows flexibility by anticipating constant changes. At Dynamik, our goal is to have a fluid, working software for developed for you in a short period of time. We will also focus on testing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for each app update.

How will you conduct the testing?

We will test your app using Apple’s Unit Testing framework. We will create and execute text plans based on your app requirements.

Testing will also cover:

  • Core functionality: model classes and methods, and their interactions with the controller
  • The most common UI/UX flows
  • Bug fixes
  • And more!
Can you submit the app to App or Google Play store?

Yes, we can submit your app to the App store. We will work with Apple to resolve any issues found during the app review and approval process. We can also submit your app to the Google Play store.

Are you ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes. Everyone at Dynamik Apps is ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your app idea.

What are your fees and payment terms?

For information about fees and payment terms, please contact us. A representative will respond to your inquiry within 1 to 2 business days.

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