Browse through some of our most popular mobile app features.


Ad banners

Monetize the application using advertising systems such us AdMob, Millennial Media and etc.

In-app purchase

Monetize the application by selling digital content via a payment system such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Paid subscriptions

Customers will subscribe to a monthly subscription and funds will be automatically deducted from user’s bank account every month.

Credit card payments

Monetize the application by selling physical goods via a payment system such as PayPal, 2CO, Stripe etc.


Implement analytics into your app to track customer behavior and monitor the app’s stability.

Shopping Cart

Customer will be able to browse products, and add them to a cart (e.i. Amazon).

User Authorization

Authorize users within your app using social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google) or using their email account. This includes the registration (Sign Up) form, (Forgot Password) form, and the (User Profile) page.

Rating System

A rating system can be added to your app with either like/dislike buttons or five stars. It can be used to rate products, digital content, or post a comment.


Allow users to take and store photos in app.


Allow users to record and store videos in app.

Photo/Image gallery

Enable users to do usual things like manage their photos, create photo albums, and share their photos via social media.


Work with maps or process the customers GPS data. Or, help your customers find you.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to users of your app. Connect with your customers to provide promotions and notify them of new services or products.

Feedback Form

The page will allow users and customers to send message to app administrator directly.


A feature that gives your customers a quick and easy way of purchasing your products from their mobile device. Great for restaurant apps.


Allow customers to see the times available, and book reservations. Great for restaurant. hotel, barbershop, beauty salon and event apps.

Task List

App has To-Do list capabilities which is a great way to manage tasks

Audio Player

The audio player will be natively embedded into the app that will play a sound files or a live audio stream (e.i. Spotify).

Video Player

The video player will be natively embedded into the app that will play a video files or a live video stream (e.i. YouTube).

User Privacy Settings

Allow users to control app certain app permissions from within the app.


Give users the ability to search data with a type ahead style search box.


Work with calendars inside an app. This includes event management and notifications.

Barcode Reader

The barcode reader will be embedded into the app to read barcodes. This feature is suited for an eCommerce app.

QR Code Reader

The QR code reader will be embedded into the app to read 1D or 2D codes. This feature is suited for an eCommerce app.


Typically used for questionnaire. This feature is also great for quiz or business apps with worksheets.

Social Sharing

Users can share text or images on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.


Activity Feed

The activity feed page allow users to see a list of activities or articles with the social features such as like/dislike, comment, and social media sharing.

Audio Processing

Process and edit audio files within your app (cropping, stretching, etc.).

Image Processing

Process and edit photos/images within your app using different tools like cropping, resizing, applying filters, and adding stickers.

Video Processing

Process and edit video files within your app (cropping, applying filters, etc.).

Realtime Messaging

Allow users within your app to send messages in realtime to other account users or group of users.

Synch Across All Devices

Synchronize all relevant app data across all applicable devices such as phones and tablets.

SMS Integration

Send and receive text messages directly within your app.

Machine Learning

App uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.


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