About Us

Always Sleek. Always Professional. Always Dynamik.

Who We Are

Dynamik Apps is a Florida-based mobile app development company that specialize in developing native iOS and Android apps for entrepreneurs and small businesses. At Dynamik Apps, we take the time to plan your app from the very beginning, so your software is fluid and flawless. Each app is strategically designed, cost-effective, and easy to navigate so your users get the best experience possible—that’s Dynamik!

Our Mission

Well, to build awesome apps of course! We aim to build innovative, secure, and cost-effective apps for every project and help individuals and commercial firms advance their businesses and promote their brand image. When your app is a Dynamik app, it’s both user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Who We Are

Our Core Values

Build superior quality apps

Provide excellent customer service

Community, pleasure, and passion for the Industry

Develop and stay ahead of the latest technology trends

Commit to the ONE Customer Policy

Our Core Values

As part of our ONE Customer Policy, we respect our customers and place them in high esteem regardless of financial status, background, or level of expertise. When you’re with Dynamik, you’re with family!

Our Founder

Handy Metellus
Handy Metellus Founder & CEO

Living and breathing mobile technology.

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