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Does Social Media Affect Your Blog Traffic?

Are you tired of your blog traffic being hostage to social media algorithms?

Are you tired of paying for reach?

Are you tired of spending time, money and energy on post with nothing to show for it?

Are you ready to take back control of your followers?

Do you want to engage with your audience without censorship?

What would happen to your income if your social media was gone tomorrow?


“You can’t build your life on someone else’s platform.”

Marie Leggette

Why Dynamik Apps?

We help bloggers who want financial freedom avoid being held hostage by social media algorithms by taking control, and growing their income and community with their own mobile app.

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  • Trusted by top bloggers & content creator.
  • Established in 2017.

The Benefits of Having an App

Instant access to content

Increases product sales

Improves service sales

Reinforces your brand

Enhances your visibility

Connect with audience on- the-go

No more “Pay to Play”

Control of your own platform

How it Works

The Dynamik Plan

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    Schedule a Demo

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    Select the features you want

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    Upload content to your app

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    Launch your app in less than 30 days

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    Your app is maintained by our team giving you peace of mind

If you want to make more money & increase your engagement.


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By NOT having your own app, you’ll have to keep paying for reach. The days of organic reach on social media are coming to an end.
Don’t wake up tomorrow and your social media account is gone along with the means you take care of yourself and family.

Take back control of your blog business.

Make more money from your content.

Engage with your audience the way you like.

No more frustration from algorithms changes.